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I. Personal Information

Idein Inc. (the “Company”, “we”) has established the following Personal Information Protection Policy, and endeavors to properly handle, manage, and maintain personal information by ensuring our officers and employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal information and undertaking initiatives in line with this policy.
Please refer to the separate Actcast Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information by Actcast, a platform we operate.

  1. When handling personal information, the Company complies with the laws, ordinances and other regulations applicable to the protection of personal information. Therefore, we establish policies and internal rules regarding the protection of personal information in accordance with the laws, ordinances and other regulations.
  2. The Company endeavors to keep personal information retained accurate and up-to-date, and implements security measures and the necessary and appropriate management of personal information by taking necessary measures such as maintaining security systems, developing management systems, and training employees to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leakages, etc. of personal information. The details of the safety and security measures implemented by the Company for the handling of personal information are as follows:
    ItemsDetails of Safety and Security Measures
    Establishment of basic policyIn addition to this Policy, the Company establishes a personal information protection policy and policy regarding internal security, and ensures the proper handling of personal information in accordance with the relevant policies.
    Placement of rules on handling of personal InformationWith respect to the handling of personal information, the Company determines the handling method and the responsible officer for acquisition, use, storage, sharing, deletion/disposal and other steps, and establishes and complies with the relevant handling rules.
    Organizational safety and security measuresThe Company appoints a responsible officer regarding the handling of personal information, investigates the handling of personal data, and reports its results to the department in charge.
    Personnel safety and security measuresThe Company enters into confidentiality agreements with its employees, promotes awareness of matters that require attention concerning the handling of personal information, and educates and trains employees regarding the relevant matters.
    Physical safety and security measuresThe Company implements physical access control including control of entry to and exit from areas handling personal information, and implements measures to prevent theft and other similar incidents.
    Technical safety and security measuresWith respect to the handling of personal information, the Company only allows access to those who need to gain access, and regularly keeps a record of those had access to personal information and analyzes and stores the records of access to check for any suspicious, unauthorized access or use of personal data. The Company also considers and implements the optimization of information security measures from time to time. Any personal information which does not need to be stored continuously will be disposed or deleted in an appropriate manner.
    Understanding of external environmentWhen handling personal information in a foreign country, the Company takes necessary and appropriate measures for the safety of personal information after understanding the system, etc. concerning the protection of personal information in the relevant foreign country.
  3. The Company handles the acquisition, use, and provision, etc. of personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other standards, and limits handling to the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use (including incidental provision to third parties). When collecting personal information we notify or announce the purpose of use, and we do not use personal information, except when necessary to achieve the purpose notified or announced, without the consent of Entrusted Person. We do not use personal information for purposes not stipulated and we take measures to prevent use for other purposes.

    Type of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
    Customer informationService provision, billing, surveys, etc.
    Personal information on business partnersPerformance of contracts, communication, etc.
    Personal information on employeesEmployment management, etc.
    Information on applicantsEmployee screening, communication, etc.
    Information on website visitorsWebsite optimization, etc.
    Personal information in camera images, videos and audio recordings taken or recorded by the Company, and personal identification codes extracted or generated from such images, videos, and audio recordingsInvestigation and analysis of attributes (gender, age, etc.), number of people, location information and movement records, etc. (including investigation and analysis conducted on behalf of users of our services), AI model learning, service development, improvements and follow-up, crime prevention, etc.
    Personal information on participants in data measurement activities conducted by the CompanyImplementation of data measurement, contact regarding data measurement, investigation and analysis of data measurement results, use for other purposes notified at the time of participating in data measurement, etc.
    Personal information on business cards and in questionnaires, etc. obtained at exhibitions and business meetings, etc., and personal information on applicants for seminars hosted or co-hosted by the CompanyAnalysis of survey results, provision of information on our products and services, etc. and those of our partners, notification of seminars and other events, other sales activities, etc.

    The Company will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party unless any of the following apply. When outsourcing part of the handling of the personal information, the Company shall enter into an agreement regarding the protection of personal information with the outsourcer and shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure the safe management of the personal information.
    (1) With the consent of Entrusted Person
    (2) Cases required by laws and regulations
    (3) In the event it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of Entrusted Person
    (4) In the event the handling of personal information is entrusted to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use
    (5) In the event of succession of business due to merger, company split, transfer of business, or any other reason
    (6) When based on specific shared use under laws and regulations
  4. With respect to the personal information held by the Company, the Company handles any inquiry and request for disclosure (including disclosure of records showing provision of personal information to third parties), correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion and suspension of provision to third party from him/herself or its agent to a reasonable extent and in accordance with the laws and regulations and rules that the Company provided. The Company provides contact details for complaints and consultation regarding the handling of personal information and responds to such cases appropriately.
  5. The Company shall comply with the laws and regulations of Japan and other applicable regulations related to the personal information held by the Company. The Company shall make necessary action to ensure the status, revision, or abolishment of such laws and regulations, and shall endeavor to improve this Policy by reviewing the contents from time to time.

Contact details about personal information
For Disclosures etc. or other inquiries to us, please contact the following office via mail.

Idein Inc.
Backoffice (Representative Office for Personal Information Protection)
1-4-13 Kanda Jinbocho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan


II. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Our website uses cookies and other similar tracking and analysis technologies (collectively “Cookies”) in order to provide customers with more appropriate services.

1. Overview of Cookies
Cookies are small text files containing arbitrary strings of characters which are exchanged between our web server and a customer’s internet browsing software (browser) when visiting our website, and are stored on the customer’s device. By using Cookies, we may obtain non-personally identifiable attribute information such as a customer’s browsing history, service usage history, and location information.
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Depending on the customer’s browser settings, it may be possible to indicate in advance that our site uses Cookies, or it may be possible for customers to disable Cookies or deleted saved Cookies. Please note that the functions available on our website may be limited if a customer refuses to accept Cookies or deletes Cookies.

2. Purpose of Using Cookies
We use Cookies to improve customer convenience, to improve the performance of our website by analyzing how our website is used, and to improve and enhance the services we provide to our customers.
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Tools (provider)Purpose of UseHow to stop sending information to the tool
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4. We use advertising distribution services provided by third parties. The third parties listed in the table below may use Cookies, web beacons and other storage technologies to obtain or receive information from our website and elsewhere on the internet, and may use that information to provide effectiveness measurement services and to target advertising. Please refer to each company’s website for information on how information is handled and opt-out procedures.

Advertisements (advertising distribution service providers)Website
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